The Chop House Hours
Thursday - Sunday
11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Your stay at The Midland Hotel will be significantly enhanced by a full-service restaurant known as The Chop House and a private membership club, known as The 1896 Saloon. The Chop House was an original meat locker in Hico around the turn of the century, housed in the north end of The Hotel. In the Hotel History, you will find a picture dating back to early 1900, with several men serving as butchers. Our full service restaurant has plenty to offer to you and your family.
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The Midland Hotel
103 N Pecan St.
Hico, TX 76457
(254) 796-4426 (HICO)

Midland's Historic Rooms

The Midland Hotel has 13 rooms upstairs and 1 ADA approved room downstairs. Each room has its own unique history, focusing on different parts of history including people, businesses and community life that surrounded Hamilton Co. during the early 1900. We invite you to return to our piece of history, and stay in a different room. You never know what part of history you will connect.